Founding Partner, ImpactRooms; Advisor, Equideum Health

Location: New York, United States

The founding partner of Impact Rooms, Dr. Alex Cahana, is a professional blockchain expert with years of industry experience. ImpactRooms is a unique enterprise escalator aimed at preparing startups in the early stages of growth in emerging markets. Dr. Alex also serves as a Blockchain and Healthcare Expert at UN/CEFACT, the venture partner of Global Blockchain Ventures. He also serves as an advisor at Equideum Health and as a board member with AdanianLabs Africa and the Americas Continental Health Alliance or ACHA. Dr. Cahana has a solid experience in the field of medicine for more than 25 years, in prominent roles at the Department of Defense as well as the Veterans Health Administration. He focuses on bringing the best value to the benefits of scientific, financial, and technological knowledge. Dr. Cahana has earned specialization in the digital transformation of public and private companies, local and federal governments, and healthcare organizations with web 3.0 technologies. He has worked as a Professor and Chief of the Pain Medicine Division at the University of Washington. Currently, he is serving as an Affiliate Professor in Science, Technology, and Health Studies. Dr. Cahana has published more than 100 articles to his credit. Dr. Alex Cahana is also an accomplished Officer in the Israeli Defense Forces with multiple awards, including the American Pain Society Center of Excellence and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations Best Practice. He has also earned the Innovation Health Care award from the Association of American Medical Colleges. Dr. Cahana has also achieved the University of Washington President’s Medical for his contributions to public service, social impact, and inspiring leadership. His vision of a citizen-centric model focuses on driving blockchain-based transformation in healthcare for empowering a change of roles in healthcare. Health service consumers can become active and self-dependent health and wealth producers through the concept of Universal Health Income or UHI.

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