Director, Blockchain and DLTs, Ericsson

Location: Sweden

Giovanni supports large enterprises achieve their blockchain adoption goals with help in development, deployment, and management of end-to-end solutions. He has expertise in implementing blockchain and DLT technology-based solutions on private or public clouds and containers. Giovanni supervises dedicated professional teams for addressing complicated projects by breaking them down into smaller units to ensure better speed and accuracy. Giovanni focuses on three significant components for deploying blockchain projects, starting with blockchain as the core element. Blockchain serves as the backend for solutions, and it is important to choose the right platform for concerned use cases. The second important component in designing blockchain-based solutions focuses on user experience. Giovanni has expertise in incorporating human interaction elements with a smooth and seamless user experience supported by an effective back-end. Blockchain is still an infant technology and can create disruptions, thereby calling for endorsements from the top management. Giovanni also helps enterprises understand the importance of blending passion, commitment, and precision in blockchain projects alongside accounting for stakeholder expectations.

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