Head of Blockchain Factory, Daimler Mobility

Location: Germany

Harry leads the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory and is the first individual to hold this position. He leads a cross-disciplinary team with members from different regions for leveraging blockchain to boost the transformation of Daimler. The team focuses on establishing Daimler as a provider of completely digitized, efficient, and highly integrated financial and mobility services. Harry supervises the Blockchain Factory operations for hyper-automation of asset finance and mobility by using blockchain, digital identity management, and IoT. He also looks after the implementation of the Mobility Blockchain Platform or MBP, the core software platform which would define the future of mobility. Smart contracts for Ethereum Virtual Machine support the MBP implementation process, while decentralized identifiers support identity verification alongside verifying claims, consent agreements, and KYC. The Distributed Ledger Financial Engine has to be implemented in Corda, with a specific focus on implementing tokenization for seamless finance services.

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