Ethereum Lead Developer, Precog.Finance

Location: Amman, Jordan

The lead DeFi tokenomics and engineering at Precog.Finance. Mohamed is an early adopter of Blockchain and Bitcoin technology and had participated in multiple projects from conceptualization to operational. Mohamed changed his career back in 2016, moving from Microsoft Technology Stack (SharePoint, Azure, Office 365, BizTalk, Dynamics CRM) to be dedicated to Blockchain and Cybersecurity Field, he also received the Microsoft Valuable Professional MVP award (C#, Sharepoint, Security, Azure, Blockchain) for 10 years in a row. Mohamed participated in the first Bitcoin transaction in the middle east back in 2014 and managed to run different crypto meetup groups in Jordan, Palestine, and Sudan. Mohamed provides consulting services in DeFi Tokenomics and Engineering, he helps projects in designing the token economy, project Tokenomics, and Token design, to provide sustainable token economics and an ecosystem that really works. His expertise also covers different aspects and technologies including smart contracts development, smart contracts security auditing and gas optimization, DeFi/Blockchain-enabled solutions architecture and blockchain integrations.

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