SVP Business Innovation, Kleinschmidt

Location: Texas, United States

A technology and team leader known for defining and delivering to a strategic vision, with an unusual blend of leadership acumen, deep technology skills, creativity and IT solutions experience. Uniquely qualified to move data and analytics software development organizations to the next stage of maturity and productivity. Specializes in driving enterprise-level paradigm shifts to data-driven decision making. Developed Enterprise and Domain specific data modeling solutions. Domain and Enterprise Data/Business intelligence leader who understands the possibilities of data science and how it can address the value gap in traditional data solutions; celebrates bringing experimentation back to data. Highly effective strategic and tactical thinker due to experience developing long term enterprise roadmaps and managing the execution of IT portfolios Accountable for all customer data and analytics solution development and delivery. Drive strategic talent acquisition and growth to ensure Kleinschimdt can effectively deliver current and future engagements. Provide services to technically oriented client executives, addressing a range of topics including organization design, process and delivery efficiency improvements, and strategic architecture.

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