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5 Metaverse Trends to Watch in 2022

The assumptions regarding the future of technology draw considerable attention towards the latest advancements. Rather than wondering about what you could witness in the future, it is important to look at how some of the latest technologies could define the future. The discussion on metaverse trends falls in line with such assumptions, where you must look at the impact of the metaverse. As a virtual counterpart of the real world, the metaverse promises an open, shared, and persistent virtual world, allowing people to participate as digital avatars. How will this virtual world shape up in the future? 

The metaverse trends in 2022 can offer a promising answer to your doubts regarding its future. With many experts claiming that the metaverse is the next big shift in using the internet, it is reasonable to identify the trends that would define the metaverse. The following discussion offers you a clear impression of some of the top predictions for the metaverse in 2022. 

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Why Should You Review Metaverse Trends?

The year 2021 spelled out dominance for many tech trends such as digital workplaces, AI and ML advancements, and the space race, among many others. However, the metaverse stood at the top of tech trends in 2021 along with other web 3.0 stars such as DeFi and NFTs. The initiative of Facebook in the metaverse with a rebranding of its parent company’s name to Meta gained profound interest from the tech community. At the same time, metaverse predictions started circulating all over the internet with actively growing interest of tech professionals, enterprises, media, and the general public in the potential of metaverse. 

So, why should you bother about the metaverse future trends now? If reports are to be trusted, there is still a long time before the world gets a fully-functional metaverse. However, many enterprises have started working on metaverse projects, some of them centralized ones, to hop on the metaverse bandwagon. Big names such as Nike, NVidia, Roblox, and Epic Games have massive investments in metaverse projects right now. 

On top of it, the metaverse presents prolific opportunities for transferring many real world applications to the virtual worlds. The metaverse opened up new possibilities for using data to extract insights on digital identity preferences. At the same time, it also presented many new spaces and activities for users while enabling them to develop meaningful connections. 

All of these factors definitely pose questions like “Is metaverse the next big thing?” when you observe the trends in the field. For example, virtual real estate sales in the range of $4 million surely incite interest in the future of the metaverse

Top Trends for Metaverse in 2022

The metaverse has been envisioned as a three-dimensional form of the internet, where users are on the internet rather than just using it as spectators. It has the potential to offer almost real experiences in digital interactions, online meetings, and other online activities such as shopping. However, it is important to find the metaverse market trends for 2022 to understand how the metaverse will evolve further. On the other hand, the range of advancements and innovative developments in the metaverse landscape create difficulties in identifying the top trends. Here is an outline of the top metaverse trends in 2022, which would introduce major improvements in the metaverse. 

1. Simulation of Real Life Experiences

The impact of a global pandemic turned the attention of the whole world towards the importance of digital technologies. Almost every activity of real-life, starting from concerts, work meetings to graduation ceremonies, jumped to the metaverse. The metaverse has always focused on improving the prospects for enabling connections between people in different digital spaces. 

One of the key highlights in metaverse predictions for the future focuses on improving the connections between people in the metaverse. The metaverse has proved how the immersive experiences and flexibility for recreating casual, everyday experiences show the possibilities for expanding collaborative experiences in the digital spaces. As a result, the metaverse could draw in a broader audience. 

The metaverse market trends in 2022 would focus on exploring opportunities for developing immersive and engaging brand content. One of the examples of simulating real-life experiences in the metaverse is Alo Yoga. The brand has launched its “Alo Sanctuary” metaverse solution as a serene wellness space. 

Users could learn and practice different meditation exercises in the “Alo Sanctuary” with almost near-real life experiences. Renowned sneaker brand, Vans, has also come up with its metaverse, the Vans World, where participants can customize their shoes and enjoy skateboarding with friends. 

The examples clearly emphasize improving the quality of connections in the metaverse by simulating real-life experiences. Such metaverse trends in 2022 would play a crucial role in bridging the gap between real-life experiences and the ones on the metaverse. The simulation of real-life experiences in the metaverse can also help brands in delivering glimpses into the behind-the-scenes of their operations. On the other hand, almost real-life experiences in the metaverse could also serve community training use cases. 

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2. Digital Identity Takes First Priority

One of the most crucial highlights in metaverse trends for the future would be a focus on digital identity. You can use customized digital avatars for interacting with other users and different solutions in the metaverse. The metaverse has been opening up many new avenues for customizing digital avatars, especially through branded merchandise and user-generated creations. Interestingly, users have shown promising responses towards the flexibility of avatar customization. The metaverse supports users in self-expression as they can customize their digital avatars in the ways they want. 

Some of the statistics regarding user avatars on Roblox in 2021 can show you how digital identity will be one of the top metaverse future trends. The Roblox community created almost 25 million virtual items and acquired more than 5.8 billion virtual terms. The users on Roblox updated their avatars more than 165 billion times, thereby indicating the interest of users in their digital identity. 

Almost one in five active users update their avatars on a daily basis. All of these statistics related to Roblox establish that digital identity will be a top priority for metaverse users. It represents their identity in the virtual world, and with new technological advancements coming up in future, users would look for advanced ways for improving their digital identities in the metaverse. 

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3. Dominance of Creators

When you think of questions like “Is metaverse the next big thing?” you miss out on a promising highlight of the metaverse, i.e., the creator economy. The metaverse offers a collection of digital tools and technologies for creating virtual assets and trading them on marketplaces. 

As a result, creators can enjoy complete freedom and flexibility in the metaverse. The future of the metaverse depends on the participation of creators. You can find steady and solid growth in developer and creator communities. For example, the number of new male creators on Roblox jumped by a staggering 323% in 2021. 

The growing interest in metaverse content creation is one of the top additions among metaverse market trends for 2022. Creators from all corners of the world have found exceptional levels of recognition and success on the metaverse. Some of the top-selling and most active creators on Roblox come from different locations such as Australia or Brazil. 

The participation of creators from different geographical locations could drive the integration of elements from local trends and cultures in user-generated content. As a result, the metaverse could improve with more diverse and inclusive content offerings. If you look closely, the talented creator pool is the biggest asset for the metaverse as well as brands seeking opportunities to capitalize on it. 

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4. Top Brands Will Drive Adoption

The Facebook-to-Meta transition was just the prologue of what you can expect with metaverse future trends in 2022. Tech companies are obviously the first contenders for building metaverse projects and solutions. However, the active interest from top brands in various sectors can play a vital role in drawing more audiences to the metaverse. 

You can find many top brands in the cosmetics business, such as Dior Beauty, L’Oreal, Jo Malone, Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennessey, Estee Lauder, and others actively working on entering the metaverse. They plan on introducing 3D avatars for selling makeup materials alongside working on development of NFTs

The cosmetics industry is not the only sector that would drive one of the prominent metaverse trends for the future. Entertainment companies such as Disney have pointed out the possibilities of working on a Disney Metaverse. The metaverse could offer seamless potential for improving the entertainment experience in physical and virtual worlds.                        

Another example of top brands entering the metaverse would refer to H&M. The international retail clothing giant showcases the path to one of the prominent metaverse predictions for 2022, i.e., virtual stores. H&M launched their first virtual store in the metaverse where customers can shop for the brand’s latest collections. 

With such top names entering the world of metaverse, it will be a matter of time before many others join in. The credibility of top brands will play a vital role in defining the scale of metaverse adoption in the future. 

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5. New Audiences

The metaverse has been associated with gaming since the initial stages, particularly due to the pioneers. However, the applications of the metaverse have evolved beyond gaming. You can explore a wide range of experiences in the metaverse without any connection with gaming. One of the prominent highlights among metaverse trends in 2022 focuses on garnering the attention of mature audiences. 

The most common demographic range for the metaverse includes 17 to 24-year-olds. Therefore, the metaverse projects will evolve to cater to the interests of the rapidly growing demographic for the metaverse. Developer communities have to work on resolving the needs of the new metaverse audience with improved content updates. The new audience groups need more complex experiences in the metaverse with the facility of high-end graphics and visual effects. 

Some brands have already started capitalizing on the metaverse predictions for 2022 regarding a change in the audience group. For example, the high-fidelity Gucci Garden experience includes more than 30% of the total visits from users above the age of 17 years. Furthermore, technological advancements in the metaverse could facilitate better prospects for improving brand reach through precisely targeted content and experiences. 

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Final Words

The final thought regarding metaverse future trends emphasizes how the metaverse can improve in 2022. You can look for possibilities of better simulation of real-life experiences in the metaverse in 2022. The metaverse would gradually develop as a close virtual counterpart of the real world with almost real-life experiences. 

Metaverse users would become more attentive towards their digital identities. Another important highlight among metaverse trends for 2022 focuses on the improved prospects for creators. Other trends focus on the emergence of new metaverse audiences alongside the growth in metaverse adoption with the participation of top brands. Start learning more about the metaverse and make the most of these trends right now.

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