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Top 10 Most In-demand jobs in Blockchain Technology for Beginners and Experienced

Blockchain is an innovative technology for transforming the traditional approaches to data exchanges and financial transactions. Within a minimal span of time, distributed ledger technology has successfully advocated the value improvements of decentralization and cryptography. The constantly growing demand for blockchain technology jobs has evolved as a notable trend in recent times. With many companies implementing blockchain across different sectors, such as medical data and supply chains, the need for blockchain professionals is clearly evident. 

The global blockchain market would most likely reach a valuation of $163 billion by 2027. The estimated growth rate is humongous when you consider the market’s previous valuation of $5.92 billion in 2021. If you want to capitalize on the growth of blockchain for driving your career, then you must know about the top job opportunities for you in the blockchain. The following discussion offers you an outline of the most in-demand blockchain jobs you can choose for your career development. 

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Best Blockchain Jobs for Your Career 

The career opportunities in blockchain might seem farfetched for many aspiring professionals. Apart from concerns regarding the ideal career path, candidates who want to become blockchain professionals don’t have any clear information regarding top jobs in the domain. On the other hand, awareness regarding the top blockchain jobs in the market can help you understand how blockchain can offer vital opportunities for career development. The clear impression of responsibilities associated with the top blockchain-related jobs can also help aspirants identify the skills they should learn to qualify for the jobs. Here are some of the best job roles for building your career as a blockchain professional. 

1. Blockchain Developer

The foremost choice among job roles for entering the domain of blockchain careers is that of a blockchain developer. How has the blockchain ecosystem developed into the massive industry it is today? The growth of blockchain-based applications, platforms, and other innovative solutions has spurred the demand for blockchain developers. The role of blockchain developers is the most powerful one as they leverage their in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology to create value-based solutions and services. 

On top of it, the estimated blockchain technology jobs salary for a developer would range from $90,000 to $150,000. The average annual salary for blockchain developers can vary according to the location and experience of the candidate. Blockchain developers must have strong command over blockchain architecture, cryptography best practices, programming, data structures, and web development. 

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2. Blockchain Security Architect

One of the most significant choices in best blockchain jobs for experienced professionals would refer to blockchain security architects. The job of a blockchain security architect focuses primarily on development of solutions and systems for crypto and blockchain-related companies. The solutions would focus on safeguarding the crypto networks of companies from cyber threats and fraud. As a matter of fact, the blockchain security architect is an integral role in administration of operating systems and software of blockchain-related firms. 

The primary responsibilities of blockchain security architects also involve collaboration with IT and security teams for reviewing projects. At the same time, the importance of a security architect’s role in blockchain technology jobs is also evident in their work in setting policies regarding crypto security

The policies also deal with best practices pertaining to advanced blockchain security alongside risk mitigation. Another significant role of blockchain security architects focuses on their advisory role for blockchain solution design and identification of possible security threats. 

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3. Cryptocurrency Analyst

Many businesses and startups have been reinventing new strategies on the foundations of cryptocurrencies in recent times. For example, companies are opting for cryptocurrencies as payment for goods and services. Therefore, the demand for a cryptocurrency analyst is an obvious highlight among career opportunities in blockchain today. 

Almost everyone interested in the domain of cryptocurrencies and blockchain wants to learn about the latest trends and updates to stay ahead of the market. Crypto analysts can help in evaluating and predicting different factors such as demand, trading volumes, pricing, and other cryptocurrency trends.                       

The important skills required for blockchain careers as a cryptocurrency analyst include comprehensive fluency in research and analysis. In addition, candidates aspiring to become cryptocurrency analysts must also have strong critical thinking skills. Most important of all, candidates must have the skills for communicating important and relevant insights to stakeholders in a way they can understand. 

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4. Blockchain Architect

The list of best blockchain jobs for beginners would obviously refer to the role of a blockchain architect. Blockchain architects are the professionals responsible for visualizing the design of a blockchain network or application. The job of blockchain architects focuses on selecting the suitable components for a blockchain network and connecting them according to the planned design. 

Blockchain architects have to work in collaboration with experts such as network administrators, developers, UX designers, and IT operations management. Candidates aspiring for the role of blockchain architects must have an in-depth awareness of recent improvements in the world of blockchain. The other important skills for blockchain jobs in architect roles also include data science and cryptography. Most important of all, candidates should also work on developing their hands-on experience in blockchain architecture projects. 

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5. Blockchain Project Manager

The growing number of new blockchain projects shows a viable reason for organizations seeking blockchain project managers. The work of a blockchain project manager focuses on ensuring a strong link between blockchain experts and an organization. Blockchain project managers have to supervise the progression of a project with a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s requirements. It is one of the best blockchain jobs for experienced professionals, especially considering the need to simplify the technical needs of the project. 

Project managers must also have a broader range of skills beyond technical expertise in blockchain technology, such as communication skills. On top of it, the role of blockchain project manager can fetch blockchain technology jobs salary estimate of $106,175 annually in entry-level roles. However, businesses invested in blockchain projects would offer better salary estimates for competent and experienced project managers. 

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6. Blockchain Consultant

The next prominent answer to “Is blockchain technology a good career?” would point attention to the role of blockchain consultant. Blockchain consultants are guides for helping organizations achieve their objectives with blockchain technology. The primary work of blockchain consultants focuses on planning for development of strategies alongside developing relevant solutions. 

At the same time, blockchain consultants must also offer their technical knowledge alongside ensuring effective risk assessment and management. Blockchain consultants can make the most of career opportunities in blockchain according to their skillset and experience. On average, the annual salary of blockchain consultants can be around $107,000.        

7. Blockchain Quality Engineer

Quality controls are also important in the domain of blockchain development. The role of blockchain quality engineer is one of the most in-demand blockchain jobs in the growing blockchain job market. Blockchain quality engineers ensure the successful implementation of all components in a blockchain solution or platform

They review different aspects of blockchain-related solutions, such as functionality and security, before everyone starts using the technology. The work of blockchain quality engineers deals primarily with different aspects of blockchain development. Candidates must have fluency in manual testing, automation frameworks, and dashboards. Blockchain quality engineers can receive average annual salaries of up to $157,000, depending on their skills and experience.

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8. Business Development Manager

The role of a business development manager is one of the interesting choices for anyone seeking blockchain jobs with a lesser focus on the technical aspects. Business development managers have to generate leads, manage client relationships and generate new opportunities for selling products and offering services of the business. 

Candidates aspiring for the role of blockchain business development manager must be well versed in everything related to blockchain and crypto. Most important of all, blockchain business development managers should also have a clear understanding of the organization’s requirements and trends. 

9. Blockchain Legal Consultant

Blockchain legal consultant is another important job role that provides a viable answer for “Is blockchain technology a good career?” with lucrative career development prospects. Legal partners of blockchain firms can guide them through the new regulatory aspects associated with cryptocurrencies and operations of blockchain networks. 

The growth of new decentralized solutions such as NFTs, DeFi, and metaverse would drive the demand for blockchain legal consultants. Candidates must have fluency in legal aspects pertaining to blockchain technology alongside fintech regulations and communication skills.

10. Blockchain UX Designer

The most notable choice among best blockchain jobs for beginners would refer to the role of a blockchain UX designer. Blockchain UX designers take over the responsibility of creating a unique and user-friendly interface. Many new blockchain startups and companies want an attractive interface for their blockchain-based solutions. Attractive interfaces can help in engaging more users, thereby ensuring success for the organization. Therefore, individuals with creative passion and interest in blockchain technology can pursue blockchain careers as UX designers.

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The different career options for beginners and experienced professionals in blockchain show how well the market has developed. You can explore blockchain jobs with unique roles and responsibilities to identify the one which suits your career goals. The overview of responsibilities in different in-demand blockchain job roles helps in identifying the skills you need in each role.

Candidates aspiring for a career in blockchain should give up all their doubts regarding the potential of a career in blockchain. Apart from the flexibility of choosing your own career path, the diversity of jobs for blockchain professionals is a welcome highlight for career development. Find how to start your blockchain career journey with reliable guidance and support.

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