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10 Top In-Demand Tech Skills to Learn in 2023

The consistently evolving tech landscape brings new opportunities for innovation. At the same time, arrival of new technologies invites the need for change. Therefore, the top tech skills in 2023 are important priorities for every professional working in the domain of technology. Why? The quality of technology is evolving, thereby implying the need for professionals to develop their skills in new technology. 

The exact term you are looking for here is ‘adaptability,’ which plays a vital role in building your career with competitive advantages. You can improve your professional portfolio by earning practical tech skills valued by businesses in 2023. The following post offers a detailed overview of the top technical skills to learn in 2023 to stay competitive in the existing and future labor markets.

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Why Should You Learn the Top Tech Skills in 2023?

The present situation of the technology labor market has been marked by an economic downturn. However, the renowned professional networking site LinkedIn has reported that the economic downturn has not affected the job market. As a matter of fact, there are two job openings for each unemployed individual in the US. 

On the other hand, the global talent shortage has been at an all-time high for 16 years. Almost 75% of employers have been experiencing challenges in the identification of candidates with top IT skills and soft skills. Therefore, businesses aim to maintain their competitive advantage in the market through an emphasis on in-demand tech skills. 

Some of the essential soft skills required for tech professionals include management, communication, customer service, and leadership. In addition, research and analytical skills, alongside fluency in marketing, project management, and teamwork, are also some of the top skills employers seek in tech professionals. However, you must also focus on top tech skills to learn to address job-specific tasks in the IT industry. The hard skills or technical skills involve specialized abilities for addressing business objectives in specific projects.

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Most Popular Tech Skills for 2023

The importance of learning about tech skills in 2023 sheds light on opportunities for capitalizing on talent shortages in the existing job market. In addition, the most in-demand tech skills could also safeguard your career against future changes in the job markets. It is important to learn skills that help you strengthen your skills for existing technologies alongside preparing for new trends. Here are the top ten tech skills you should learn in 2023 to create an impressive professional portfolio. 

Top Tech Skills for 2023

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1. Programming Skills

Programming skills have been one of the most in-demand skills in the tech industry for a long time. Basic knowledge of programming could help in reading and understanding the code written by other people. You can develop simple programs and algorithms alongside learning about the software development lifecycle. 

While it may not be one of the easiest tech skills to learn, you can start from scratch and become a programmer within six to twelve months. Some of the popular programming languages include C++, Python and JavaScript. C++ is one of the prominent technological platforms for programs with advanced graphics, such as games and photo or video editors. JavaScript is a recommended choice for web and mobile application development. 

Python would qualify as one of the top in-demand tech skills in programming. It is a suitable choice for non-tech business environments, with a target audience among managers, marketers and analysts. Python is useful for working with data visualizations and macros in Excel. On top of it, Python has been gradually gaining popularity for its applications in machine learning, data analytics, web development and data visualization. 

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2. Blockchain Technology 

The necessity for learning about blockchain technology in 2023 is clearly evident in the transformative impact of blockchain on businesses. Blockchain technology is one of the top tech skills for safeguarding your career for the future. How? Blockchain utilizes distributed ledger technology to offer a decentralized database that can store records of transactions. 

The record of transactions is visible to everyone, albeit without any chances to modify the record. One of the earliest and most dominant use cases of blockchain technology points to cryptocurrencies. If you have followed the latest crypto news and trends, you must have learned about the career opportunities with cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, blockchain use cases have evolved further with the introduction of smart contract programmability. The answer to “Which technical skill is best for future?” would point to blockchain owing to its capabilities for decentralization. Blockchain enables the development of innovative decentralized apps alongside fuelling the revolutionary technologies of the future, such as NFTs and DeFi. Learn more about blockchain technology with comprehensive training courses on 101 Blockchains for developing your blockchain expertise.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional  3. Web3 

Speaking of blockchain as one of the most popular tech skills in 2023, it is important to reflect on web3. Described as the third generation of the internet, web3 is a revolutionary concept that represents a set of standards regarding usage, accessibility, and control over the internet. 

The principles of web3 extend beyond the top IT skills in demand in 2023 as web3 paints a completely new perspective of the internet and technology around us. Web3 use cases such as decentralized finance apps, play-to-earn games and NFT communities have gained formidable traction. 

The concept of web3 aims to revolutionize the future of technology, and you can dive into the world of web3 with blockchain technologies. Blockchain offers the foundation infrastructure on which web3 communities and solutions can develop. You can rely on comprehensive certification training courses on web3, such as the Certified Web3 Professional certification by 101 Blockchains. 


4. Smart Contracts Development 

The outline of popular tech skills in 2023 with blockchain and web3 also draws the limelight toward smart contracts. Smart contracts are trusted instruments for facilitating the automatic execution of applications according to predefined conditions. The responses to “Which technical skill is best for future?” should identify smart contracts as a plausible choice. Why? Smart contracts provide the assurance of secure and decentralized transactions in web3 and blockchain. Smart contract development could help you explore new avenues for career development as a blockchain or web3 professional

It is important to specialize in the programming languages, tools and frameworks required for smart contract development. The top tech skills to learn in smart contract development include Solidity programming language alongside Truffle and Hardhat. You need to learn how to use the development tools and frameworks for creating smart contracts. The Smart Contracts Development and Solidity Fundamentals courses on 101 Blockchains could help you specialize in creation of smart contracts. 

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5. Cybersecurity 

Another important technical skill you need to learn in 2023 points at cybersecurity. Most technology leaders and business owners believe that cybersecurity accounts for one of the biggest talent shortages. Cybersecurity qualifies as one of the top in-demand tech skills in 2023, especially for the growing impact of cybersecurity risks. According to Gartner, network security, security architecture, application security and cloud security were the most critical technical skills for 2022. 

The ITC 2022 Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey revealed that cybersecurity professionals were the most vital assets for important tech projects. On top of it, growing popularity of blockchain, web3 and cloud computing also fuels demand for cybersecurity skills.

Certified Blockchain Security Expert  6. Multi-Cloud Expertise

The outline of most in-demand tech skills would also include multi-cloud expertise. Around 75% of organizations develop new products and solutions on cloud resources. However, only 8% of technology professionals have skills in cloud computing. What is the deal with multi-cloud expertise? Gartner has estimated that over 80% of organizations will utilize more than one specific cloud provider in 2022. As organizations face a shortage of talented multi-cloud professionals, proficiency in different cloud platforms can offer significant advantages for developing your career. 

The most popular cloud service providers, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, could offer the foundations for building your multi-cloud proficiency. Although cloud computing is not the easiest tech skills to learn, it can guarantee specialization for multiple roles. The roles of multi-cloud experts include cloud architects, developers or network engineers.

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7. Agile Project Management    

Project management skills are gradually gaining popularity as they can improve the efficiency of the workflow for different business projects. The list of top IT skills in demand for 2023 would obviously include Agile methodologies and frameworks for project management. Project management skills could help in dealing with team members in a diplomatic manner alongside optimizing the workflow for achieving desired results. 

One of the significant reasons to learn Agile project management focuses on the profound growth in a number of jobs that need Agile project management skills. Tech professionals can use their fluency in project management technology to grab a promotion and lead digital transformation initiatives. 

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8. Data Visualization 

One of the most formidable tech skills you should learn in 2023. Visual information is more likely to improve the way people understand data. Data visualization is a notable entry among top IT skills for 2023 as the value of data analytics continues growing further for businesses. According to a research report by Tableau, organizations using visual data recovery tools are likely to have 28% better productivity for identifying information. 

Data visualization plays an essential role in data analytics alongside helping businesses in the evaluation of critical information. At the same time, data visualization also emphasizes on presentation of insights in a comprehensible manner. The most popular data visualization tools include Tableau, Infogram, Google Data Studio, and Power BI.

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9. Metaverse and NFTs

The sole purpose of including metaverse and NFTs together as top in-demand tech skills are the interrelationship between them. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, emerged as a popular technology trend, which caught up like wildfire on social media with NFT profile pictures. At the same time, the development of the metaverse with the involvement of top companies such as Microsoft, Meta, Epic Games and NVIDIA paints a basic impression of the potential of metaverse. 

The combination of metaverse and NFTs opens up new commercial opportunities. For example, NFT-based products, virtual concerts and web3 storytelling are some of the promising applications emerging in the metaverse. Interestingly, a user paid around $450,000 to purchase a virtual parcel of land near Snoop Dogg’s plot in the Sandbox metaverse. Metaverse has many surprises in store, and combined with NFTs; metaverse technology can revolutionize career roles and opportunities in the future.

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10. CRMs

The popular tech skills for 2023 would also include Customer Relationship Management or CRM software. Businesses seek CRM skills as a vital trait in the portfolio of tech professionals. CRM is one of the top tech skills to learn for strengthening your career as a technology professional in 2023. Businesses have to adapt to the continuous changes in customer behavior. 

Therefore, professionals with expertise in CRM software can offer a holistic view of the customer’s journey with a business. Around 73% of sales managers use CRM tools, and the increasing emphasis on the personalization of products and services for customers validates the demand for CRM professionals. 

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The different entries among the top tech skills for 2023 showcase the mandatory skills you need for a career in tech. For example, programming skills and multi-cloud expertise alongside data visualization are important skills for tech professionals. On the other hand, you could also find answers to “Which technical skill is best for future?” with blockchain, web3, metaverse and NFTs. You need to specialize in the existing in-demand technologies as well as the ones that will dominate the future. Start learning more about emerging technologies and build your career in accordance with future trends right now.

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