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Step By Step Guide to Become an NFT Expert

Any individual with expertise in NFTs or non-fungible tokens is more likely to have the edge over other people in the tech space now. Many people have also passed off NFTs as a fad in the world of blockchain and decentralization right now. On the other hand, most people focus on the economical aspect of NFTs in the rising prices of NFTs without reflecting on the technical implications. You can become an NFT expert only when you dive deeper into the technical side of NFTs. 

Career opportunities in the field of NFTs could help experts find lucrative jobs that would drive their career development objectives. One of the interesting facts about jobs in the domain of NFTs refers to the flexibility of pursuing multiple roles. You can serve complicated technical roles such as a developer or work in marketing roles such as community or product managers. 

The scope for becoming an NFT professional has been getting wider, with new opportunities emerging every day. As NFT use cases gain prominence in almost every sector, it is important to seek the definition of an expert in NFTs. At the same time, you need to identify the skills required to become an expert in NFTs. Subsequently, you must identify suitable resources for learning NFTs and building your skills and knowledge. The following post offers you an outline of important steps for becoming an expert in NFTs and pursue a career with the new class of digital assets


How Do You Become NFT Experts?

Non-fungible tokens are new additions to the crypto and blockchain space. For a sector which focused primarily on decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies, NFTs served as a new wave of applications. The demand to learn NFT has been increasing exponentially as they provide unique value advantages for the digital representation of assets, physical or virtual. 

On top of it, the NFT space keeps evolving, and the dynamics of the industry make it difficult for any individual to catch up with the latest proceedings. At the same time, you can find many people claiming to be NFT experts with varied opinions on the applications of NFTs. How can you know whether an individual is an expert in non-fungible tokens? The answer would point at some distinct points which prove that you know more about NFTs than the average enthusiast. Here are some of the notable highlights which an expert would be aware of. 

  • Potential use cases of NFTs other than artwork.
  • The ability for describing a scenario where you have lost an NFT or almost lost one in a scam or to a malicious link. 
  • Knowledge of rug pull scams and the difference between legitimate NFT projects and rug pull schemes. 
  • Experience in conducting transactions on a secondary market other than OpenSea.
  • Awareness regarding different crypto wallets you can use for storing, managing and viewing your NFTs. 

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The Necessity for Learning about NFTs

The introduction of NFTs changed many aspects about the working of digital assets and decentralized economies. You must have considered NFTs as one of the trends which would subside as the hype lowers down. However, NFTs are not limited to the world of digital art. They are a new trend which has a prominent impact on the use of blockchain-based digital assets. Many people seeking answers to “How do I get started with NFT?” would look for job prospects due to the hype. Celebrities are buying NFTs and displaying them as profile pictures. On top of it, the pricing of digital artwork and collectibles has also been garnering attention in the technology labor market worldwide. 

By the end of 2021, the total volume of NFT sales worldwide amounted to almost $41 billion. Although the general market conditions in 2022 seemed stagnant for NFTs, many big projects have been making their mark in the industry. Most important of all, the addition of utility to NFTs has opened up the scope for new applications such as play-to-earn games. What are the options you can pursue your career as an expert in NFTs?

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Understand the Potential of NFTs

Before you find out the roles available for an NFT specialist right now, you must think about the use cases for NFTs. What are the popular ways in which NFTs can be put to use? Most people in the crypto space or layman would consider NFTs as mere pieces of digital artwork. However, people aspiring for the role of an NFT expert must familiarize themselves with the fact that NFTs are more than just pictures. Well, the images and artwork play a vital role in bringing non-fungible tokens to the forefront. At the backend, NFTs are practically a line of code featuring a token ID or a unique identifier on a blockchain network. The basic requirement of code in an NFT allows the opportunity for using NFTs in different use cases other than art. 

The most popular use cases of NFTs which support the rise in NFT jobs right now would include the following.

Popular NFT Use Cases

  • Gaming 

The use cases of NFTs in gaming could support the ownership of in-game assets and collectibles. Players could use NFTs to exercise their ownership over assets and experiences within the game. NFT applications could also help players exercise complete control over upgrading and trading the asset with desired returns. 

  • Ticket Sales

The need for new NFT expert skills would also emphasize the use of NFTs for facilitating ticket sales. Many venues have been experiencing ticket fraud cases. However, NFTs could ensure that tickets are unique, and it is difficult to have the same NFT token ticket on multiple wallets. 

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  • Proof of Attendance

The Proof of Attendance Protocols is another prominent example of why you need to learn NFT beyond the realm of digital artwork. Proof of Attendance protocols serves as digital badges for people attending different events. The events could be anything from a virtual meet-up to a concert or workshop. Apart from facilitating secure access to the event, Proof of Attendance protocols also helps in measuring the engagement of users with the event. 

  • DeFi 

Another prominent area of applications for non-fungible tokens is evident in the field of DeFi. Non-fungible tokens are valuable assets, and you could leverage the value of your NFTs by placing them as collateral. NFTs could help in obtaining loans on DeFi platforms. 

  • Music and Art

Moving back to the domain of art once again, you can become an NFT expert with the scope for cutting out friction in the music industry. You can use NFTs to help artists with the monetization of their work to achieve the best returns. 

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What Do You Have to Do As NFT Expert?

Non-fungible tokens continue to be the hottest trends in the blockchain and crypto job market right now. The average NFT expert salary could vary from $120,000 to $250,000, depending on the job role. Big companies such as Disney and auction houses such as Sotheby’s have been seeking NFT experts with clearly outlined job descriptions. However, it is important to know what you have to do as an NFT expert before you make up your mind to become one. The roles and responsibilities of professional NFT experts could help you understand the type of skills you need to develop for the role.

Roles and Responsibilities of NFT Expert

  • Developing smart contracts and blockchain-based systems throughout different blockchain platforms
  • Research and analysis regarding the latest NFT market trends and emerging use cases. 
  • The ability for collaboration with the NFT project team to understand and catering to different targets for NFT projects. 
  • Identification of new ideas for NFT projects and opportunities for combining NFTs with existing crypto applications. 
  • Building your professional network with other NFT professionals, artists, collectors and evangelists in the domain of NFTs. 

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What Are the Skills You Need to Become NFT Expert?

The outline of answers to “How do I get started with NFT?” might point you towards the fundamentals of NFTs. However, everyone learning about NFTs has a fluent understanding of what NFTs are and how they work. In addition, you must emphasize earning more skills if you want to prepare for the role of an expert. Here are some of the important skills which can validate your claim for the role of NFT expert. 

  • Experience in working on the design of algorithm-based solutions for different software limitations. 
  • Fluency in resolving the problems associated with scale, security and availability.
  • Creative abilities for offering new inputs for NFT projects. 
  • Skills for adapting to the continuous changes in the dynamic NFT industry with better skills for resolving uncertainties. 
  • Expertise in fundamentals of blockchain technologies and capabilities of NFTs for influencing other areas such as metaverse, stablecoin and DeFi

The list of NFT expert skills mentioned here could help you build capabilities for addressing the technical as well as economic aspects of NFTs. For example, becoming an NFT developer is not enough in a competitive landscape. You need to learn how to develop NFTs with the least use of resources. 


Best Practices for Becoming NFT Experts

The description of important roles and responsibilities and skill requirements for an NFT specialist show that you have to invest a significant amount of effort. At the same time, the emerging opportunities for new NFT use cases also offer the versatility of job roles. You can become an NFT developer or a community manager according to your skills and knowledge. However, there are certain best practices that always define how you learn for gaining expertise in NFTs. 

  • Never Undermine Fundamentals

One of the first steps in becoming an expert would focus on the selection of resources to learn NFT basics. The best way to start learning about NFTs would be, to begin with, a fundamental-level training course. Make sure you know what NFTs are beyond the million-dollar sales and funky artwork. Familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of non-fungible tokens before pursuing their practical applications in different sectors. 

  • Use the Right Training and Certification

The next significant pointer for establishing your identity as an NFT professional would point to reliable training courses. You need to learn about Ethereum and its role in facilitating the creation of NFTs. At the same time, you must also look for credible certification platforms to prove your knowledge of NFTs. You must seek training and certification courses that help you familiarize yourself with essential skills you can implement in practice. 

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Final Words

The final impression about pursuing the career path of an NFT expert suggests that the right training platform could help with many promising advantages. You can seek new opportunities for building your career in NFTs with lucrative salary estimates. For an industry dealing with million-dollar sales for unique artwork, you need to prepare with trustworthy training and certification platforms. 101 Blockchains could offer credible skill paths for developing your expertise in NFTs. In addition, you can also prove your NFT skills and knowledge with the Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) certification.

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!

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