101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Plan

Launching 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Plan

We at 101 Blockchains have maintained a consistent rate of growth in the blockchain training and certification market for the last few years. Since the inception of 101 Blockchains, we have strived to offer the best research and guidance on blockchain technology and careers in it. The latest addition among our offerings, the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Plan, is significantly different from the existing membership plans. 

You can think of the Yearly+ membership plan as an upgrade over the Yearly Membership Plan of 101 Blockchains. What are the special highlights of the Yearly+ Membership Plan, and how will it help you? Let us find the answers to these questions in the following post with important highlights about the new Yearly+ Membership Plan by 101 Blockchains.


Highlights of the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Plan

The obvious question in your minds right now must revolve around the value advantages of the Yearly+ Membership Program. One of the important highlights of the new membership plan is that it offers many significant benefits for learners. You can have more than just unlimited access to the 101 Blockchains training library with the Yearly+ Membership Subscription. 

101 Blockchains has become one of the top platforms for blockchain training and certification in recent times. The platform has been dedicated to expanding awareness about blockchain technology and its different use cases. Over the years, 101 Blockchains introduced many professional training courses on different concepts in the domain of blockchain

At the same time, 101 Blockchains also introduced new certification programs on the trending and most in-demand technologies as promising learning and validation tools. Most important of all, the platform has been diving into new concepts such as NFTs and DeFi with certifications and new training courses. 

The 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program would ensure that you can access all these resources seamlessly for one year. On the other hand, the membership program would also help you capitalize on the benefits of cost-effective pricing for courses and certifications. 

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Advantages of the Yearly+ Membership Plan

Many of you must be curious about the benefits of the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program and how the program would help you. Interestingly, you can find the detailed outline of the benefits of the Yearly+ Membership Plan in the list of offerings with the plan. It is important to note that you would find multiple similarities between the Yearly and Yearly+ membership plans. However, the “+” in Yearly+ stands for some additional advantages that could offer a much-needed extra boost for learners. Here is an outline of the notable benefits of the Yearly+ Membership Program introduced recently by 101 Blockchains. 

Yearly+ Membership Plan

  • Unlimited Access to Learning Resources 

One of the mandatory features in any membership program would refer to unlimited access to resources of a specific platform. The outline of the key features of the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program reveals the facility of unlimited access to professional training courses. 

101 Blockchains has more than 35 professional training courses covering different blockchain-related topics and concepts. The Yearly+ Membership Program helps you avail the best of the training library available on 101 Blockchains. The assurance of uninterrupted access to the training courses offers flexibility for learners to plan their learning journey. 

  • Skill and Career Learning Paths

The advantages of the new 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Plan also include the opportunity for seamless access to skill and career paths. You can access the courses and other learning resources in the dedicated skill and career learning paths. The skill and career paths offered on the platform are reliable instruments for finding an organized route to develop their skills and knowledge in the blockchain. In addition, the career paths could help in determining the ideal learning resources and credentials required for achieving blockchain career goals.

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  • Unlimited Access to On-demand Webinars 

The Yearly+ Membership Plan entitles every member to access different on-demand webinars available on 101 Blockchains. On-demand webinars are exclusive learning materials you can rely on for additional insights on different aspects of the blockchain, crypto, and web3 worlds. 

You could gain industry knowledge from the discussions among industry experts on existing and emerging trends. With the Yearly+ Membership Program, you don’t have to struggle to learn how the blockchain industry works. At the same time, you can also gain more knowledge on a particular topic in comparison to the average beginner in the blockchain

  • Live Events and Research Sessions

The answers to “Why to choose 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program” would reflect profoundly on the access to live sessions. You would receive access to members-only live sessions as well as live research sessions. At the same time, Yearly+ members could also access exclusive live events to interact with the community. The membership plan not only offers seamless access to live events and research sessions but also the opportunity to scale up your skills and knowledge. 

  • Recognition in the Blockchain Community

The advantages of the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program would also help you gain recognition in the blockchain community. With the membership plan, you can access the community of blockchain experts allowed for members only. You would receive a membership certificate alongside access to the Council Blog of 101 Blockchains

In addition, the Yearly+ Membership also features the facility of Council Membership as an exclusive benefit for aspiring blockchain professionals. As a 101 Blockchains Council Member, you could post your ideas and opinions about blockchain and web3. Furthermore, a Council Member could also access many other benefits of professional networking. 

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Special Highlights of 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program

The benefits of the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program mentioned above are also accessible with the Yearly Membership Plan. Then why would you spend the additional money on a Yearly+ subscription? 

Unlimited Access to Certification Programs

The answer is evident in the unlimited access to 101 Blockchains certifications which helps in validating your blockchain-related expertise effortlessly. The Yearly Membership Plan on 101 Blockchains allows a 40% discount on all certifications available on the platform.

The unlimited access to certification programs for a year could introduce some promising benefits for aspiring professionals. For example, you can organize your learning and skill development process around the certifications of your choice. Most important of all, seamless access to the 101 Blockchains certifications offers the best opportunity for proving your skills in diverse areas. 

Customized Study Plan

Apart from free access to all certifications on the platform, the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Plan also offers a customized study plan. Yearly+ members could also make the most of the support of a dedicated study counselor for their blockchain training. As a result, you would have not only all the resources but also a guide and a plan to use them in the best way possible.

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Why Choose the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Subscription Program?

The different key features of 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program offer adequate reasons for choosing the membership plan. However, it is also important to weigh down the benefits and costs of the membership program carefully before making a decision. Here is an outline of the prominent reasons why you must choose the Yearly+ Membership Plan by 101 Blockchains. 

  • Uninterrupted Learning

The most obvious reason to choose the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program is the facility of uninterrupted learning. For a year, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying any additional costs to access training courses and certifications. Pay $75 per month in an annual bill and focus on learning and specializing in blockchain technology

  • Dedicated Counselor and Study Plan

The unlimited access to the 101 Blockchains training library, including courses and webinars, represents only a trivial set of benefits with the Yearly+ Membership Plan. You will find an additional answer for “Why to Choose 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program” with the facility of a dedicated counselor. 

The counselor could help you chart the best course forward in your blockchain career. Starting from the identification of career objectives and suitable blockchain-based job roles to the selection of learning resources, dedicated counselors could offer many notable benefits. 

On the other hand, the facility of a comprehensive study plan for Yearly+ members is also a valid reason to choose the membership program. The study plan can help you find the best resources according to your skill level while supporting continuous learning objectives. Members can start working on their skill development from the basics. Subsequently, they can move towards advanced concepts gradually according to the study plan. 

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Final Words

The highlights of the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Plan prove how it is a credible instrument for transforming blockchain training. You can receive unlimited access to training courses, webinars, and live research sessions, as well as events on 101 Blockchains. Subsequently, the unlimited access to 101 Blockchains certifications for a year can boost the career aspirations of many individuals. 

You can set a momentous journey for your blockchain career by leveraging the identity of a 101 Blockchains Council Member. Furthermore, the Yearly+ Membership Plan also helps members with the services of an expert counselor and study plan. The Yearly+ Membership Plan stands out for offering a wide range of valuable advantages for aspiring blockchain professionals. Learn more about the 101 Blockchains Yearly+ Membership Program, register for it, and take the big leap for your blockchain career.

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