Internet of Things (IoT) Skill Path

Internet of Things (IoT) Skill Path for Beginners

The pivotal role of the Internet of Things (IoT) in transforming connectivity has been one of the major highlights of digital transformation. The Internet of Things provided the concept of connecting different devices in a network, with programming in a way that helps the devices communicate with each other. The review of IoT fundamentals would focus on examples such as smart cameras which can send video feeds directly to smartphones. 

Global expenditure on IoT solutions in 2022 amounted to almost $1 billion, and the number of IoT-connected devices worldwide is almost 15 billion. Interestingly, the IoT industry would go through a radical phase of growth with the integration of technologies such as blockchain. Furthermore, the opportunities for expanding the IoT ecosystem would also emerge in the form of improved connectivity through 5G technologies.

The exponential growth of IoT has created opportunities for learning IoT and pursuing careers in the domain of IoT. Almost 83% of organizations all over the world have achieved improvements in efficiency through IoT technology. Do you want to learn IoT and pursue professional career opportunities? The foremost doubt in the mind of a beginner would be “Where to start?” alongside concerns regarding the scope for career development in IoT. The following post helps you find the answers with a guide to the learning path related to the Internet of Things.

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Why Should You Pursue a Career in IoT?

One of the first things you might think of before choosing a career in IoT would be the reasons for the same. Why should you invest time and effort to become IoT expert and achieve promising career benefits? First of all, the statistics about the global IoT market present favorable opportunities for growth. On the other hand, you can explore diverse job roles in the field of IoT.

You can identify possibilities for jobs in networking, security, user interface, artificial intelligence, and other technical components associated with IoT. Some of the common job roles, such as IoT solutions architect, embedded software engineer, and IoT infrastructure engineer, have gained traction in recent times. 

The advantages of seeking career development opportunities in IoT should also underline the necessity of learning crucial skills. You would need a reliable IoT skill path and awareness regarding the expertise for IoT jobs. At the same time, you must identify your career goals depending on your skills. The planned outline of the requirements for a career in IoT can help in aligning your skill development journey accordingly. 

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Where Can You Find a Learning Path for IoT?

Just like every other popular technology, IoT has gained the interest of educators worldwide. The importance of an IoT learning path is evident in the fact that you can find multiple training courses on IoT. However, beginners have to encounter issues related to technical jargon and the complexity of course topics while learning about IoT. In addition, you might have doubts about the ideal courses according to your skill level for learning IoT. 

101 Blockchains offers an ideal solution to your requirements with the help of an IoT skill path tailored for beginners as well as professionals. What is the special advantage of the learning path by 101 Blockchains for aspiring IoT professionals? The most noticeable advantage of the Internet of Things skill path by 101 Blockchains is the structured approach to learning about IoT. 

The skill path helps you obtain access to IoT courses that can help you develop your knowledge of the Internet of Things. You can use the skill path to develop a comprehensive impression of the latest trends in the IoT industry. The skill path also provides insights into the interplay between IoT and blockchain through courses created by industry experts. 

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What Do You Get in the 101 Blockchains IoT Skill Path?

The traditional perspective on IoT applications has always turned towards industrial use cases of IoT. On the other hand, the general use cases of IoT have also been serving major improvements in the quality of life for citizens. For example, IoT has helped in building smart cities and improving supply chain performance. 

You can use the IoT learning path to learn how to use IoT in real-life applications. The Skill Path by 101 Blockchains is a collection of learning resources that help you learn more than the fundamentals of the Internet of Things. The skill path for the Internet of Things also provides you insights into the use of blockchain in IoT and innovation in business model design. Here is an overview of the courses you can find in the 101 Blockchains skill path for the Internet of Things.

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IoT (Internet Of Things) Skill Path

1. Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals

The first course in the skill path for learning IoT is the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course. It is a reliable choice to learn IoT applications in the future, as blockchain and IoT integration would have promising value benefits. Fundamental concepts of blockchain technology and a basic understanding of important terms in the blockchain dictionary can help you know how blockchain works

It would offer a boost to your journey of learning about the Internet of Things. Interestingly, you don’t have to spend too much time on the course. All you need is an hour and concentration on the course to complete all the lessons. However, the course will always serve as a reference when you have doubts regarding blockchain fundamentals.

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2. IoT Fundamentals

The next addition to the learning path for Internet of Things by 101 Blockchains is the IoT Fundamentals training course. It is a trusted training course for beginning your actual introduction to IoT. The course helps learners familiarize themselves with the basics of IoT and the applications of IoT in different industries. 

At the same time, the learning objectives of the course also cover important opportunities, possibilities, and challenges in the IoT industry. On top of it, the basic course on IoT also helps you figure out how blockchain and IoT are related. 

Fundamentals of IoT can provide the foundation you need to become an IoT expert with technical skills for different job roles. The course can help in covering different important topics regarding the Internet of Things which are obviously more than basic concepts. You can find the following important topics in the course.

  • Basic concepts and terms in the Internet of Things.
  • Opportunities, challenges, risks, and preconditions for IoT implementation.
  • Practical examples of IoT applications in multiple industries.        
  • Details of the technology stack need for IoT application development.
  • Opportunities for the applications of IoT according to IoT device data for personalizing IoT business applications.
  • Review of security and data privacy challenges in IoT applications.
  • Comprehensive overview of the relationship between blockchain and IoT technology.

The IoT Fundamentals course delivers crucial support to your journey of learning about IoT and pursuing career development opportunities. It is an effective tool for learning about the importance of IoT and developing an understanding of the technology behind IoT systems and networks.

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3. Getting Started with Blockchain and IoT

The third step in the IoT learning path on 101 Blockchains would refer to the “Getting Started with Blockchain and IoT” training course. You can use the course to learn about applications of blockchain in IoT. The course offers a practical explanation of the mechanisms which define successful blockchain IoT projects. You can also learn about the applications of IoT building blocks alongside the blockchain IoT canvas for designing blockchain-based IoT applications. 

The comprehensive outline of topics in the ‘Getting Started with Blockchain and IoT’ training course can help you identify its value advantages. Here is a list of the topics you can learn in the blockchain and IoT course.

  • Recap of IoT fundamentals.
  • Introduction to smart products and the importance of high-resolution data.
  • Outline of the IoT components and crucial platforms.
  • Explanation of IoT business models and operation mechanisms.
  • Basic principles and important blockchain traits.
  • Blockchain IoT canvas and real-world IoT blockchain examples.
  • Examples of IoT platforms developed by using blockchain technology.

The ‘Getting Started with Blockchain and IoT’ training course serves as an effective tool to learn IoT components, business models, and important business mechanisms. It strengthens your technical skills alongside developing your fluency in the business-level implementation of IoT

For example, you can use the blockchain IoT canvas for planning out the potential business value of using blockchain and IoT in business models. The examples in the course also deliver an additional edge by contributing to your practical knowledge of blockchain applications with IoT. 

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4. Internet of Things Intermediate Level

After understanding the fundamental relationship between blockchain and IoT, you can step into the next step in the skill path for IoT. The 101 Blockchains IoT skill path offers a credible option in the form of the Internet of Things Intermediate Level course. It can offer you a comprehensive understanding of the IoT value stack alongside the technologies underlying device and sensor connectivity. The course gives you a perfect resource for learning about the principles associated with creating the IoT front end. 

As an intermediate-level course, it demands that you should have a strong grasp of blockchain fundamentals. The important topics covered in the course provide a clear impression of how they can help you become IoT expert with lucrative career benefits. Here are some of the notable topics covered in the IoT intermediate-level training course.

  • Introduction to the Basics of the Internet of Things
  • Basics of physical things or devices used in IoT
  • Fundamentals of sensors, their underlying technologies, and use cases.
  • Connectivity and analytics functionalities of IoT devices and networks. 
  • Front-end design of the IoT solution.

The IoT Intermediate Level training course offers a viable impression of how you can build an IoT solution. You can develop a detailed understanding of IoT architecture and how different components fit together in a synchronized solution. Furthermore, the course also improves the IoT skill path by offering insights on examples of the essential requirements to create IoT solutions. As a result, you can move one step ahead in developing your identity as an IoT expert.

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5. Business Model Innovation Course

The ‘Business Model Innovation Course’ is another valuable addition to the 101 Blockchains learning path for IoT. Learners can use the course to become IoT experts in business implementations of IoT. What will you do after designing and creating an IoT solution? Does it have what it takes to serve the value advantages desired by users? 

The Business Model Innovation training course helps you develop a clear impression of the basics of business models. In addition, you can identify the ways in which business model innovation can support the growth of businesses. Furthermore, the course also provides insights into the best practices for creating new business models through tools. 

The important topics covered in the course provide a distinction among IoT courses by helping you focus on the real-life applications of IoT. Here are the topics you can learn in the Business Model Innovation course.

  • Business model and business model innovation fundamentals.
  • Introduction to business model patterns.
  • Examples of business model patterns.
  • Impact of IT and internet accessibility for business model patterns in Web 1.0
  • Impact of IT and Internet on business model patterns in Web 2.0
  • Interaction between Blockchain and business models
  • Best practices for starting the business model innovation journey

6. Tokenization Fundamentals

The final highlight in the IoT learning path on 101 Blockchains refers to the Tokenization Fundamentals training course. It is a reliable choice for understanding how tokenization works and its applications in practical contexts. The training course also helps in developing knowledge regarding the basics of existing tokenization projects. The course offers an introduction to the possibilities of integrating cryptocurrencies within the IoT ecosystem. 

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Final Words

The review of the details of the IoT skill path by 101 Blockchains shows that you can develop a comprehensive knowledge of one of the promising applications of IoT. You can use the skill path to learn about the applications of IoT and its fundamentals alongside the challenges and risks in the IoT industry. Subsequently, it is also important to note how the learning path also helps you familiarize yourself with the technology behind IoT. Learn more about the different courses in the Internet of Things skill path in detail and start preparing for a future career in IoT now. 

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!

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