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How to Become an NFT Expert?

The year 2021 signaled the onset of events that would fuel non-fungible tokens or NFTs to staggering levels of popularity. Almost everyone interested in the field of tech has aspirations to become an NFT expert with lucrative opportunities. Expertise in non-fungible tokens is undoubtedly one of the rarest skills for a tech professional in present times. 

Therefore, the journey of achieving skills and knowledge in NFTs can be quite challenging on many levels. On the contrary, you can always seek a competitive advantage in learning any new skill or technology by choosing appropriate guidance. The following discussion will help you find out the best practices which can help you become an expert in NFTs.

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Why are NFTs Popular?

The first question in anyone’s mind before they learn NFT basics would revolve around the popularity of NFTs. Why did non-fungible tokens become so popular within a limited amount of time? The answer to such questions is evident in the basic explanation for NFTs and their functions. Non-fungible tokens are basically the representations of ownership of different types of assets on a blockchain network. 

The token on the blockchain network would represent a unique asset and feature a distinct ID and traits. NFTs are non-divisible and non-shareable, thereby providing solid proof of ownership. Therefore, you can determine how NFTs have come up as a unique class of digital assets with the value of true ownership. 

The demand for NFT professional roles has been rising higher for many obvious reasons. Apart from the unique functionality of NFTs in proving ownership and authenticity of assets, you must also notice the different trends. Why? The trends can show you how much popularity NFTs have garnered in recent years. 

  • As of 2021, the value of the global NFT market amounted to over $40 billion, which continued to increase.
  • The sales of NFTs increased by almost 131 times in one year between 2020 and 2021.


With almost thousands of NFT sales on a daily basis, the NFT market also welcomes new types of non-fungible tokens every day. New variants of NFTs, depending on their utility, can garner formidable recognition for their different use cases. If you want to pursue NFT jobs, then you must have detailed knowledge of what they can be used for. Some of the common applications of NFTs are evident in play-to-earn games, metaverse and NFT art

On the other hand, you must also notice that collectible NFTs like the ones on NBA Top Shots marketplace have also gained considerable popularity. At the same time, you must also notice the growing interest in PFP or profile picture NFTs. The examples of CryptoPunks and BAYC NFTs show exactly how new non-fungible token variants are garnering popularity. BAYC NFTs have made more than $4 billion in NFT sales till now, while the top 5 CryptoPunks NFTs rounded up on a total value of more than $60 million.

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Steps to Become an NFT Expert

The interest in learning more about NFT expert skills would obviously increase when you notice the lucrative NFT sales amounts. Almost every news you hear about NFTs paints them as some otherworldly and precious digital assets. Well, multi-million dollar sales and celebrities spending thousands of dollars on profile picture NFTs definitely creates a lot of curiosity regarding the potential of NFTs. 

However, you cannot just pick any random course on NFTs and claim that you have become an expert in non-fungible tokens after completing the course. You would have to address the other essential requirements of preparing for NFT jobs of your choice. What are the other requirements you need to become an expert in NFTs? Here are the recommended best practices you must follow in order to develop your expertise in NFTs. 

  • Understanding of Basic Requirements 

Prior to the notion of becoming an NFT expert, you must know exactly what an expert in NFTs is. How do you measure the expertise of an individual in the field of NFTs? Non-fungible tokens are new, and anyone with a knack for social media and web browsing could claim NFT expertise. 

Read a few articles and definitions on NFTs and their use cases, and you can present yourself as an expert in the domain of NFTs. On the other hand, an expert in NFTs would have in-depth knowledge of NFTs and how they work. Experts can actually understand how NFTs are unique digital assets and communicate the same to non-technical people. 

You must learn NFT with the objective of developing knowledge required to fulfill all the responsibilities of true NFT experts. Some of the essential traits of a specialist in NFTs would include,

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  • Establish Your Career Objectives

The journey of learning to become an NFT professional would also depend on the precision of your career goals. Why do you want to learn about NFTs and become an expert? Is it just because everyone in your class or workplace has been talking a lot about NFTs recently? You need a clear set of objectives that encourage you to learn about non-fungible tokens, their working and use cases. 

If you think that the NFT expert salary estimate serves reasonable motivation to learn about NFTs, then you are wrong. The salary for NFT experts is only one of the primary factors you can take into account before you start learning about NFTs. Your career objectives as potential NFT experts should align with a vision for continuous professional development. Learners must develop skills that can help them contribute meaningful results to their employers. 

  • Identify the Career Options

The next best practice in the journey of becoming an NFT specialist would be the selection of career paths. What role do you want to pursue with your expertise in NFTs? Which industry would you like to work in? These questions can help you define a specific career path with non-fungible tokens

You can explore job roles such as blockchain developers, consultants, smart contract developers, Ethereum experts or NFT project managers. At the same time, an NFT expert can find career development opportunities in different industries such as gaming, sports, DeFi, metaverse and fashion. Clarity regarding the career path helps you identify suitable resources to hone your skills for the concerned path.

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  • Choose Reliable Training and Certification Courses

The search for NFT jobs can never be complete without the right training and certification courses. How does a certification help you become an expert in NFTs? For starters, the certification can prove that you know everything about NFTs and their use cases. A certification training course could help you dive deeper into the world of NFTs and learn more about them from a practical perspective. 

101 Blockchains delivers one of the unique courses to help you learn NFT fundamentals and related best practices. The Certified NFT Professional certification on 101 Blockchains helps you develop a detailed impression of the scope and goals of NFTs. Most important of all, the CNFTP certification also helps in understanding the different methods and best practices for interacting with NFTs. At the same time, the insights into real-life use cases of NFTs alongside the practical examples of methods to interact with NFTs can help with a better understanding of how to use them. 

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!

The journey to becoming an NFT professional is not always about a special certification or course. However, the course or certification can give you a direction in your efforts to achieve academic excellence. You can know what NFTs are all about in the concepts of a training course. On the other hand, you are truly an expert only when you know how to apply those concepts in real scenarios. Therefore, you must practice the application of your skills and knowledge of NFTs in diverse use cases to build expertise. 

  • Work to Polish Your Skills

Continuous development is one of the distinctive traits for anyone seeking an NFT expert salary tag. You have to improve your skills consistently at par with the changes in the market trends and new advancements. At the same time, you must also work on developing skills such as consistency, confidence, perseverance and research. In addition, you must have a passion for creativity and digital assets to achieve all-round NFT expertise.

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Final Words

The overview of the best practices to become an NFT expert shows the importance of an NFT certification training course. Without a professional training or certification course, you are more likely to chase open grounds of information about NFTs aimlessly. A reliable certification training course like the Certified NFT Professional certification delivers an exclusive value advantage to all aspiring learners. 

Not only does the course enrich your knowledge of NFTs, but it also offers tangible proof of your NFT expertise. Apart from the importance of CNFTP and other professional NFT courses, you must also focus on practice and continuous development. Learn more about CNFTP and grab the chance to become NFT experts now.

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*Disclaimer: The article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide any investment advice. Claims made in this article do not constitute investment advice and should not be taken as such. 101 Blockchains shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this article. Do your own research!

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